VALIV’s Affordable IV Vomiting Treatment

If you often suffer from vomiting, you understand how difficult it is to ingest medications orally. Also, there are chances that you may vomit out the medicine minutes after you intake it, making its effectiveness redundant. This is why VALIV’s IV vomiting treatment is a possible alternative to the traditional methods of treating nausea and vomiting.

Common reasons for vomiting

Vomiting is one of the most recurrent symptoms in children. A child may vomit due to high fever or other illness. Vomiting can also be caused by overeating or eating something that upsets the stomach.

In adults, nausea and vomiting are often caused by motion sickness, food poisoning, pregnancy or morning sickness or by taking certain medications such as antidepressants. 

Why do you need IV vomiting treatment?

IV vomiting treatment is a medical intervention that involves administering fluids and electrolytes directly into the patient’s bloodstream, which can help stop vomiting. This is sometimes done with IV rehydration or IV hydration since vomiting can leave us dry intravascularly .

The purpose of IV vomiting treatment is to replenish lost fluids and electrolytes after a bout of vomiting. The fluids are administered through an intravenous line (IV) preferably  in the patient’s arm. The IV can also be used to administer medications that may help stop the vomiting, such as zofran(anti-nausea drugs).

Here are some benefits of taking IV vomiting treatment:

Relief from nausea and vomiting

First and foremost reason to take IV vomiting therapy is to get relief from vomiting. There are antiemetics mixed into the VALIV’s IV vomiting treatment fluid. It is a speedy and affordable way to start feeling better.

Reduced pain

Once your vomiting stops, your abdominal muscles and thoracic muscles relax. This relieves the pain you have been through by multiple episodes of vomiting.

Increased appetite

Nausea and vomiting are the main reasons you sometimes say no to the food. After VALIV’s IV vomiting treatment, that feeling will be gone and your body will start having the urge to eat food.

Improved energy level

The minerals and electrolytes give you a quick energy boost and replenish your body. It also decreases your fatigue and weakness.

Improved mental clarity

The antioxidants clear your brain fog. Also, once you start to feel better, your brain automatically relaxes and will feel more at ease.

It’s convenient

All you need to do is call VALIV and relax. Our nurses will take care of the rest. 

Call VALIV today and get your IV vomiting treatment

As a leading IV vomiting treatment provider, we believe in providing high-quality services. Contact us by texting or booking online. All well-trained nurses will be at your location, whether at your home or a hotel. Our services cover the entire Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas. You don’t have to drive, we will come to you.

Our team takes a thorough medical history to ensure you are not allergic to any medication. If you are pregnant, our nurses will adjust the dose accordingly to keep you and your baby safe. After administering the IV, our nurse will monitor you until you feel better.  Always call 911 if you think you are in a life threatening situation. We care about you and your wellbeing.