What Is Group IV Therapy And When To Try It?

Getting a mobile IV therapy doesn’t have to be long and isolating. With group IV therapy, you can enjoy your time getting the drip while you have the opportunity to socialize. Instead of sitting in a room alone, you can rejuvenate with your friends and family by your side, and you will never know how that 45-60 mins went flying by.

Along with getting a wellness boost, you can create it into something everyone can enjoy. Also, when you arrive with a group at the VALIV wellness center, you get discounts. Reach your optimal health with these fun group IV therapy sessions.

Situations in which you can get a  group IV Therapy?

There are several reasons to get a group IV therapy. Here are some of the most common ones:

In case of a hangover

Meeting your friends after a long time can call for a reason to celebrate. However, these parties can often result in a nasty hangover the day after. If you want to save your next day from bouts of headache and nausea, it is time to get a group IV therapy. Call VALIV and enjoy a rapid recovery period.

In the case of flu and cold

Contagious illness is the worst as it affects you and swiftly spreads to your loved ones. Everybody can benefit from the group IV drip therapy package in reducing symptoms like headache, nausea, and loss of appetite.

An athletic event

Demanding sports events like a 5k can make your body dehydrated and drain your energy. A post-game group IV therapy session can be beneficial. To ensure everyone is well hydrated, some teams prefer IV therapy before the tournament.

In case of mass food poisoning

No one can anticipate food poisoning. It can happen at a family picnic or an unhygienic eatery. Don’t worry; VALIV can rescue your friends and family from this uncomfortable situation. The best part? Even kids can enjoy its benefits if they are 12 years old and weigh more than 100 pounds.

Bridal activity

Want to look beautiful and have a natural glow on your special day? A pre-wedding activity can include group IV therapy. In this, you and your bridesmaids can pump up the vitamins and antioxidants while enjoying each other’s company.

Why choose VALIV for your group IV Therapy?

Our company provides you with the benefit of both mobile IV therapy and in-office group IV therapy. In case of a hangover or food poisoning where it is not safe to drive, we are happy to come over. We cover the entire Charlotte, NC and its neighboring areas. Our Myer’s cocktail, immunity booster therapy, hangover, vitamins and minerals deficiency fluids are the top contenders among the clients.

Also, you get a skilled and experienced stationed nurse while rehydrating yourself. Our nurses are well adept in case of any medical emergency. Don’t worry, with VALIV, you are in safe hands.