Why Do You Need A Jet Lag IV Drip?

Whether a frequent flyer or just taking the occasional trip, jet lag can be a real pain. Jet lag is 

due to disturbance caused to your body’s natural circadian rhythms. This can be due to travelling across time zones or working odd hours. Jet lag can cause fatigue, insomnia, and other symptoms which can cause discomfort. If you wish to recover from jet lag quickly, consider getting a jet lag IV drip from VALIV.

Benefits of getting a Jet Lag IV drip from VALIV

There are several benefits to getting a jet lag IV drip from VALIV. These are:

  • Jet lag can cause fatigue, but with a jet lag IV drip, you can quickly get your energy levels back up.
  • It can also cause insomnia, but if you take the jet lag IV drip, you can get the rest you require to recover from it.
  • Other symptoms of this long-flying ailment are headaches and gastrointestinal issues. A jet lag IV drip is carefully curated to help alleviate all of these symptoms.
  • Rehydrate and replenish your body – Severe jet lag can cause dehydration, worsening your other symptoms. You can swiftly get back on track with a jet lag IV drip by rehydrating and rejuvenating your body.

What’s present in a VALIV’s jet lag IV drip?

VALIV’s jet lag IV drip contains a blend of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that can help you recover from jet lag quickly. These are their benefits:

Vitamin B-complex: These essential vitamins can help your body convert food into energy, helping you feel more energized. Vitamin B-12, which is present in the jet lag drip can clear brain fog that makes you feel confused and zoned out at all times.

Magnesium: A mineral that can help reduce fatigue and improve sleep quality.

Anti-nausea medication: To help relieve any gastrointestinal reflex or fluid imbalance symptoms like vomiting.

Headache and anti-inflammatory medicine: To help relieve any throbbing pain in your head or the rest of the body associated with jet lag.

Call VALIV to get your jet lag IV drip today

VALIV is here to help you recover from jet lag as quickly as possible. This is why our experts will be at your doorstep in less than an hour if you live in Charlotte, NC or neighboring areas. You just have to grab your phone to call or text us and our team will take it from there! Suffering from jet lag is already a very taxing experience, so don’t worry we do the driving for you.

If you decide to visit our office, you will be adequately treated by our professional and licensed nurses who will ensure you’re on your way to recovery in no time. Our office is comfy and our staff is amicable. Enjoy relaxing music while we hook you up on a jet lag IV drip. It’s as simple as this. Get your day back on track by getting a jet lag IV drip from VALIV today!