Affordable IV For Sports Recovery By VALIV

If you’re an athlete, we can all agree that one of the most complex parts of being an athlete is staying healthy, whether that means keeping your wind during a game or not falling apart after a hard practice. We know you are looking for different ways to stay in the game and one of the most popular and efficient ways to do this is through IV for sports recovery. 

Benefits of taking IV for sports recovery

There are several potential benefits of IV therapy including: 


Dehydrated athletes can lose between 1-2% of their body weight during exercise in hot weather or during vigorous events. Fluid loss through sweat contributes significantly to this total loss of fluid. This dehydration causes athlete’s many issues, including impaired physical performance and mental function (e.g., concentration). 

IV for sports recovery is made of IV fluids, ideal for restoring your water content in the body. It rehydrates your system and restores your energy.

To deliver medication

Finishing a marathon or participating in a decathlon puts a lot of stress on your body. Extreme physical stress can make you nauseous or lead to vomiting, especially if the sports event requires you to engage the abdominal muscles for an extended period.

IV therapy can deliver nutrients directly into the bloodstream without taking them orally. This form of medication delivery is often preferred by patients who have difficulty swallowing pills or other medications and those who need immediate relief from pain or nausea. If you are someone suffering from the same, VALIV’s IV for sports recovery will take care of your nausea and provide you relief as soon as possible.

Replenish your body with vitamins and minerals

Along with dehydration, your body also loses electrolytes. To ensure that you recover quickly after your sports event, VALIV IV for sports recovery is laden with essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants.

While vitamins and minerals like Vit B-12, Vit C, magnesium, zinc, etc help relieve your cramps and give your body an energy boost, antioxidants are essential to reduce swelling. Pain and inflammation are caused by the free radicals, which are removed by the antioxidants like Glutathione. It also helps your cells recover from strenuous events.

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