Hangover Bag

Partying is fun but don’t you just wish you could do all the drinking without worrying about the hangover feeling after?

Valiv therapy and wellness is here to to say you can have fun and you body does not have to beg to be replenished. We are to say BYE BYE to hangover with our IV hydration and electrolytes and vitamin replacements.

Our hangover bag includes 1L NS, electrolyes, B complex and Glutathione. Alcohol depletes vit B levels especially B1 while Glutathione is known to detoxify the liver

After a night out your body is BEGGING to be replenished! We can help you 86 that hangover with a blend of supplements designed to help your body find it’s balance.

We can also do a mega bag which includes these supplements and add ons of antiemetic and anti-inflammatory